Our neighbourhood park

Situated in a natural amphitheatre, Madills Farm Reserve is a key feature of our Kohimarama suburb - providing character, ambiance and a stunning open space outlook to hundreds of neighbouring homes and residents.

As a mixed use recreation park Madills Farm has served the needs of the local community for decades and is highly valued by a diverse range of users for its relaxation, recreation, play, urban relief and amenity value.

Madills Farm is a favourite of local dog-owners, offering an expansive free range area for off-leash exercise, with the parks flat and easy access enabling dog lovers of all ages to regularly meet and enjoy the camaraderie of exercising their dogs together.

Madills Farm also provides valuable playing space for organised sports and is home to Eastern Suburbs AFC over winter, and Auckland Cricket and Eastern Bays touch rugby in summer.

Friends of Madills Farm Inc. is a local community group committed to protecting the status quo of this wonderful community asset.

For an overview of our vision and aims for Madills Farm - visit us on our "about us" page: About Us

A valued community asset at risk......

Madills Farm is under pressure from demands of football over other organised sport and personal recreation and just like in 2011 when artificial turfs were proposed for Madills Farm – it is at a tipping point.

We have all observed (heard) the intensified use of Madills Farm by the Eastern Suburbs AFC who are now using the park well beyond what we believe is suitable for a local “mixed use” park which is surrounded as it is by residential housing.

In direct contrast, we saw Madills Farm show case the value of having a local community hub during the Covid lock down. Madills Farm provided hundreds of local residents with a sense of place as they converged daily on the park to (safely) mingle, exercise or just simply enjoy the immense amenity value an open green space like Madills Farm offers to an urban residential community.

If the Orakei Local Board (OLB) make a decision to partner with the football club to “upgrade the facilities”, and allow a multi-story sports clubhouse to be built on Madills Farm, we believe the Madills Farm we all love and value will be lost to the community forever.

Currently there are two submission processes underway that can influence this important decision the Orakei Local Board will be making on behalf of our community.

The first is the Orakei Local Boards Draft 3 Year Plan which outlines the OLB’s aspirations, objectives and key initiatives. For more information on the OLB’s Draft 3 Year Plan and to read the submission Friends of Madills Farm has made on behalf of its members. Go to Latest News

The second is the Orakei Local Parks Management Plan, which is currently seeking public submissions on what people want from their local parks. (You may have already seen the “love your local park” billboard on Madills Farm). For more information on this process and how it affects Madills Farm. Go to Latest News

We are actively encouraging as many people as possible to “have their say”.

Both processes are important as they will be used to guide the OLB‘s decision making on Madills Farm future role in our community – bespoke sports park, or a valued community asset providing both passive and active recreation and immense amenity value to its surrounding residential catchment .

To find out how to make a submission. Go to Making a Submission

If you want to stay informed about this process you can join our Friends of Madills Farm mailing list. Go to Contact Us

When people go to a park they expect to find nature!